5 Reasons Why Companies Choose Uniforms

Not too long ago, uniforms were simply work clothes that most of us were indifferent toward. In recent times however, we’ve seen some companies like airlines up the ante in the uniform game. For companies with corporate uniforms, staff learned to create their own unique style that fits into their employers dress code policy with the intent of either making dressing for work uncomplicated, fashionable or both.

With modern fashion trends incorporating more colour and patterns into formal clothes, there are more possibilities for making uniforms stand out while still maintaining professionalism. You can see why most companies now embrace uniforms as standard protocol. Here are some other reasons why.

1. Uniforms Minimise or Eliminate Uniform Disputes

By either having standardised uniforms or strict dress code policy in place, companies can prevent staff disagreements about what is or isn't appropriate to wear to work

Staff members may have varied opinions about what is okay to wear. By either having a standardised uniform or strict dress code policy in place, companies can prevent staff disagreements about what is or isn’t appropriate to wear to work. Staff will be confident about their choice of clothes since there will be no doubt if it abides to the policy.

2. A Standard Set of Work Wear Saves Time

Like we’ve said before in “Uniform Your Corporate Wardrobe”, knowing exactly what to wear on a daily basis saves time and prevents wardrobe mishaps. Mornings are busy as it is, especially if you’re a parent. Who has time to struggle with the indecision of what to wear? Some people go as far as hiring a personal stylist to help them choose multiple outfits.

3. Saves Employees Money

Even if they’re stylish, uniforms don’t typically come with the same price tag as mainstream fashion brands do. This means staff don’t have to fork out loads of cash at their favourite clothing retailer to get work clothes. For the most part, an employee may only require 5 – 7 outfits to cycle through on a weekly basis. Additionally, depending on the work environment, these uniforms won’t be exposed to conditions that could wear them down, meaning they should last for some time before replacements are required.

4. Teamwork and Equality

In their uniforms, employees will be more productive, focusing on their tasks rather than their outfits

Consider a uniform your company’s silent anthem being sung by all your employees, all united, with one mindset and one set of goals. A standardised uniform eliminates judgement and the “who-wore-what” competition that fashion can bring. Employees will be more productive, focusing on their tasks rather than their outfits. Furthermore, a uniform will create a sense of belonging and as such, teamwork will be escalated.

5. A Clear Distinction From Your Competitors

A uniform is great branding tool but it also helps clients clearly separate you from your competitors and other companies in general. If your company has a great reputation, your employees will automatically inherit that reputation. Likewise, if your employees have good reputations in their respective communities, they will be assets in helping to promote your brand.

Uniforms go a long way to market and brand your business, unify your staff and make life simpler for them. A professional company should consider work wear of utmost importance. At Mbatsani Africa, we specialise in clothing that reflects your company’s professionalism. Contact us to find out more.

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